CURTMFG: SEMA 2014 New Products - Gooseneck Hitches

CURT offers up 30 new applications for our gooseneck line. That almost covers every truck on the road today! Look no further for durability, superior craftsmanship and dependability when it comes to heavy duty towing. Bring IT with CURT!


The Premium Stakeless Body - Rugby's Landscape Uni-Body

Rugby's "Landscape Uni-Body" is a 12 foot, fully welded, premium stakeless body with centered horizontal formed rib, offered with either the traditional 2-piece uni-punched barn door over a drop down tailgate or with a 2-piece full height, double rear swing out doors. STANDARD FEATURES &

  •     Fully welded stakeless body.
  •     Standard outside dimensions: 12'4" long outside (12' inside) 96" wide outside (86" inside)
  •     10 gauge, 48" tall stakeless sides with centered horizontal formed rib
  •     Curbside front has 54" wide door opening for easy access for most pallet sizes.
  •     Stakeless front panel 48" tall of 10 gauge steel, with centered horizontal v-bend.
  •     10-gauge 2 piece smooth steel floor, center seam welded underneath.
  •     9" formed channel long sills from 7-gauge material with interlaced 4" crossmembers spaced approximately 14" apart.
  •     Easy access to all door handles from ground level.
  •     Outset heavy-duty greaseable hinges allow doors to be opened completely and be pinned back with provided door holders.
  •     Rugby products’ lighting locations have been designed to assist the installer in meeting FMVSS / CMVSS 108 requirements.
  •     Two-piece uni-punched 34" rear barn doors over tailgate with over-center pull action latch mechanism.
  •     Fold down tailgate, 14" tall has double walled design, 12 gauge material inside, 14 gauge outside, fully boxed frame and two vertical braces.
  •     Tailgate has heavy-duty 1 ¼" top and 1" bottom hinge pins.
  •     Patented EZ-LATCH upper release mechanism to allow easy opening of tailgate.
12’ LANDSCAPE BODY                            Options:
  •     HR 550 Hoist In Lieu of HR 540    
  •     Full Cab Shield Assembly     
  •     Side Door Ladder     
  •     2-Piece Full Height Double Rear Doors


Happy Thanksgiving from Hansel Ford Commercial Fleet

Happy Thanksgiving from Hansel Ford Commercial Fleet

2015 Ford F-150 Raises Fuel Efficiency 29 Percent

Ford has increased the fuel efficiency of its 2015 F-150 by up to 29 percent with a lighter-weight aluminum body, pushing highway mpg for a gasoline-powered pickup to 26 mpg.

When equipped with the 2.7-liter V-6 EcoBoost, the rear-wheel-drive F-150 achieves 26 mpg highway, 19 mpg city, and 22 mpg combined, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Ford has shed more than 700 pounds from the 2014 model.

The most fuel efficient F-150 exceeds the comparable 2015 Chevrolet Silverado with the 4.3-liter V-6, which has been rated at 24 mpg highway, 18 mpg city, and 20 mpg combined. The gasoline-powered 2015 Ram 1500 gets 25/17/20 mpg in comparable cycles, while the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel gets 28/20/23 mpg.

“We set out to create the future of tough with the new F-150,” said Raj Nair, Ford's group vice president for global product development. “We are delivering with the toughest, smartest and most capable F-150 ever — and now the highest EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of any full-size gas-powered pickup in America.”

Seven other 2015 F-150 models have also received EPA ratings, including the rear-wheel 3.5-liter V-6 Ti-VCT (25/18/20); all-wheel 3.5-liter V-6 Ti-VCT (23/17/19); all-wheel 2.7-liter EcoBoost (23/18/20); rear-wheel 5.0-liter V-8 Ti-VCT (22/15/18); all-wheel 5.0-liter V-8 Ti-VCT (21/15/17); rear-wheel 3.5L EcoBoost (24/17/20); and all-wheel 3.5L EcoBoost (23/17/19).



Transit 250 Standard Height Cargo Van

The new Transit cargo van comes in many different configurations including 150, 250, and 350. It also comes in standard height like this one, a medium height and taller model. The cargo space in this van is huge and openly useful. John Turic of Hansel Ford's Commercial Truck department gives us just a few of the highlights. See more at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com


SEMA Video: Custom 2015 F-150 Is Ready to Drift

We knew this 2015 Ford F-150 was something special the moment we saw it, which is not a small feat given there were a half-dozen customized F-150s sitting all around it. Built by champion drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr., this truck had an impressive adjustable air-ride suspension and pearlescent lime-green rims. Take a look at this quick video we put together during the recent 2014 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas.

www.pickuptrucks.com Cars.com image by Mark Williams


SEMA 2014: Everything You Need to Know

For the automotive industry, attendance at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas is a must. It's the greatest exhibition of aftermarket automotive products in the nation, and it's all under one roof (actually seven roofs at the Las Vegas Convention Center).

We spent three hectic days on the convention center floor and didn't manage to see everything before we had to leave. For your convenience, we've collected all of our stories and videos from the show and deliver here in one easy-to-find listing.

We've also put together an album with some of our favorites from the show, which include quite a few photos that you may have never seen before. We've posted that on our Facebook page. Enjoy.

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears



SEMA: Ford Floods the Show With F-150's

During the just-concluded Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, Ford had more new built and customized pickup trucks on the floor than any other truckmaker. We've been told that Ford passed out 15 early production 2015 Ford F-150s to some big aftermarket players, as well as some up-and-coming builders and racers. The result was a blanket of hugely diverse half-ton pickups with some wild-and-crazy modifications and even a few cool ideas.

Among some of the more impressive F-150s on display was an extreme sports lifted and customized (both inside and out) Platinum SuperCrew by A.R.E. Accessories (they build truck camper shell manufacturer), Brian Deegan's Baja XTR, and Bushwacker's lifted booth truck. ARE's F-150 was set up with snowboards, a motocross bike, GoPro cameras and camcorders, helmets and even had a set of rollout bed drawers.

Ford had eight different 2015 F-150s in its booth (our favorite was built by Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr.) with the remaining custom F-150s spread throughout the monstrous convention center. Also among our favorites in the Ford booth was a downsized electric rear-wheel-drive cart with all sorts of Raptor-looking front-grille and tailgate design cues. What will they think of next?

We'll have more images from the SEMA Show in the naer future on our Facebook page.

Cars.com images by Evan Sears and Mark Williams


Retractable Roll Top From Royal Truck Body

Fred from Royal Truck Body goes over their new power retractable roll top at an event in Woodbridge CA.  See more at http://www.royaltruckbody.com


Wow! Remember These Ford Econolines? Even A Pickup Model?

Here's a blast from the past with some shots of a 1961 Econoline pickup truck. Look at the steering wheel and interior with the engine between the seats, sitting all the way at the front, and so light weight, especially in the rear, that even with a small engine, spinning the rear wheels wasn't hard to do. And, check out that strange green color. Whew! We're so glad the new Transit is here!


2014 SEMA Show: 2015 Ford F-150 Concept

From the 2014 SEMA show, PickupTrucks.com editor Mark Williams checks out the 2015 Ford F-150 concept. See more at www.pickuptrucks.com


Roush CleanTech for Asplund F-650's

Vegetation Management Specialist Has Propane Autogas Trucks

Roush CleanTech is spreading the word that Asplundh, an international provider of vegetation management services to utilities and municipalities, is deploying propane autogas-fueled work trucks and is one of the first in its industry to do so. Charlotte, N.C.-area bucket truck with a 58-foot aerial lift is one of two Roush CleanTech propane autogas-fueled Ford F-650s operated by Asplundh. Asplundh operates a Roush propane-powered Ford F-650 bucket truck with a 58-foot aerial lift to prune trees in the Charlotte, N.C. area.

And an Asplundh affiliate operates a propane-powered chip dump truck in California, Roush says. “We were searching for a cost-effective alternative fuel that provides an adequate refueling infrastructure and also meets our environmental initiatives,”

Asplundh Tree Expert fleet services director John Talbot said in a Roush release. “Propane autogas was our answer.”



Transfer Flow 40 Gallon Refueling Assembly

Ben from Transfer Flow goes over their new 40 gallon refueling tank at the latest Nor Cal Ford Truck Club event in Woodridge CA.  See more at www.transferflow.com


2015 Ford Transit Wins Van Comparison

Our friends to the North that run the Canadian Truck King Challenge have just finished their first full-size euro-style commercial van test, and the Ford Transit, powered by the turbo-diesel 3.2-liter PowerStroke inline-five-cylinder engine, beat both the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ram ProMaster in a tightly held contest. The test was conducted over two days with six experienced journalists driving more than 2,000 kilometers, including several maneuverability road tests, payload hauling and even making a few real-world deliveries. They also conducted a midsize category challenge, which included the Nissan NV200 and Ford Transit Connect. Unfortunately, the Chevrolet City Express and Ram ProMaster City were not available at the time of their test. The Nissan just squeaked past the Ford.

For more information about the 2015 Canadian Truck King Challenge Winner-Commercial Van division, click here.
Manufacturer images www.pickuptrucks.com


Vandemonium: You Won’t Believe How Five Aftermarket Shops Designed the First Ford Transit Customized Vans for SEMA

  •     Custom-built project vehicles from five coach builders will showcase different expressions of Ford Transit van flexibility and capability
  •     The custom Transits will be on display at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas, Nov. 4-7
  •     A range of concepts will be represented, including Formula DRIFT, off-road adventure and high-end luxury versions
The first-ever all-new 2015 Ford Transit custom vans will debut at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. Five Transit project vehicles were crafted to showcase the van’s toughness and flexibility for customers looking for a vehicle that can fit a variety of needs – from high-tech luxury limo to sport exhibitions to off-road adventure. “Ford Transit vans and passenger wagons are designed to be upfit-ready so customers have an easier time customizing the vehicle to work best for them,” said Yaroslav Hetman, brand manager for Ford Transit, Transit Connect and E-Series. “We are very excited about what our SEMA customizers have done with these vans. They preview the first of what is expected to be a renaissance in custom vans, led by the all-new Ford Transit.” Customized Transit vehicles on display at the SEMA show Nov. 4-7 include:
Vegas Off-Road Experience Transit Vegas Off-Road Experience in South Boulder City, Nevada, provides the ultimate adventure for those who have always wanted to drive an off-road desert race truck. The VORE group applied its expertise in preparing off-road trucks to the new Transit, creating a vehicle that provides luxury transportation with an off-road theme. This Transit, equipped with off-road wheels and tires, will be used for guest transportation at VORE events. “Transit offered us so much capacity to work with that we were able to take our plans further than we could with a typical van,” said Mike Self, Vegas Off-Road Experience chief marketing officer. “It will be a great vehicle for taking guests out on course in high-end comfort.” Off-road and premium features of the VORE Transit include:
  •     Custom LED interior lighting
  •     Five LED flat screens
  •      60-inch LED flat-screen partition
  •     Large-screen TV for external viewing
  •     Video gaming station
  •     Touch-screen tablet controls
  •     LED light bars
  •     HID headlamps
  •     Extended fender flares
  •     Off-road wheels and tires

Designed Travel Transit For long-distance road trips, Forest Lake, Minnesota-based Waldoch Crafts and 3dCarbon and Air Design of Newport Beach, California, customized a long-wheelbase, medium-roof Transit with a solid hickory wood floor and four reclining captain’s chairs with heating, cooling and massage functions, along with power headrests. “The larger platform of Transit gives us room for creativity,” said Ernie Bunnell, vice president of sales for 3dCarbon and Air Design. “Transit provided us with a lot of capability, so we were able to include more technical features than the average conversion.” Other features of the Designed Travel Transit include:
  •     Integrated front bumper with air dam and fog lamps
  •     Side skirts and lower rear skirt with integrated trailer hitch cover
  •     20-inch wheels and tires
  •     Rear seat with fold-down sofa
  •     Tablet control system
  •     4K ultra-high-definition 50-inch TV
  •     LED interior lighting
  •     Backup camera with 360-degree capability
Formula DRIFT Transit This Formula DRIFT Transit is more than a concept – it is a functional vehicle that will be used at series events in 2015. The Formula DRIFT series, based in Long Beach, California, has taken a medium-roof, short-wheelbase Transit and transformed it into the ultimate track support vehicle. With high-horsepower vehicles sliding around at more than 100 mph in Formula DRIFT events, accidents do occur, and this custom Transit will be one of the first responders to help with fire and safety equipment at the accident site. Complete with a custom interior workspace with TV, LED lighting, a custom entertainment system from Clarion and a matching Kawasaki Mule support vehicle, this Transit will be a standout at the track. ”Track vehicles fulfill a lot of needs, and Transit is able to do it all,” said John Pangilinan, public relations director for Formula DRIFT. “The extra roof height Transit offers really adds a lot of usable space for all of our equipment, including the Kawasaki Mule.” Formula DRIFT Transit highlights include:
  •     Matching Kawasaki Mule track support vehicle that will be housed inside Transit between events
  •     Storage bins for fire extinguishers, tools and cleanup equipment
  •     Workspace
  •     Fire suit and helmet racks
  •     Door-mounted flat panel monitor
  •     Performance air intake kit
  •     Performance exhaust system
  •     Performance suspension
Business Class Transit This sleek, all-black Transit was created by Detroit Custom Coach of Oak Park, Michigan, and offers amenities for VIP travel, whether for business or a night out on the town. This long-wheelbase, high-roof Transit features seating for as many as eight people and a wide array of premium amenities, including cocktail stations. “We are excited to show what the Ford brand can do when it comes to the VIP transportation industry,” said Detroit Custom Coach owner Chris Ramos. “We feel strongly that the new Ford Transit will give other vehicles in its class a run for their money.” Premium and convenience features of the Business Class Transit include:
  •     Actuated passenger entrance step
  •     Wood-grain flooringLaptop station
  •     Cocktail station with glass holders
  •     Reclining, heated and massaging seats
  •     Color-changing LED lighting
  •     Flat-screen TVs
  •     Integrated iPad controls
  •     Wi-Fi
  •     Motorized privacy shades

Galpin Auto Sports Transit Skyliner Transit Skyliner, created jointly by Ford and Galpin Auto Sports of Van Nuys, California, embodies the spirit of premium motor coaches and builds on the heritage of custom vans. The custom vehicle shows how Ford Transit can be transformed to fit the needs of limousines and high-end transportation services, as well as commercial fleets, shuttle providers and small-business owners. Transit Skyliner features custom-designed “throne” seats that are controlled by a smartphone or tablet. “We are sincerely excited to work with Ford in creating the future of travel,” said Beau Boeckmann, president of Galpin Auto Sports. “Tapping our history of creating the conversion van segment in the 1960s and ’70s, as well as our recent high-tech work, together with Ford we have brought the modern ultra-premium van to life.” Premium features of the Galpin Auto Sports Transit Skyliner include:
  •     52-inch retractable movie screen
  •     Focal Utopia 7.2 surround sound with custom-made speakers
  •     Satellite TVKaleidescape media server
  •     Integrated bar
  •     Matching luggage
About Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 189,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit corporate.ford.com.


Rugby Scissor Hoists

Rugby's line of durable Scissor Hoists range in capacities from 2.6 to 35.7 ton and fit bodies from 7 to 22 feet long. The HR series hoists come standard with a sub-frame that accomodates all popular domestic chassis, are black powder-coated to provide you with a durable and rust-resistant finish and have an unmatched 3-year warranty!
  •     Range in capacities from 2.6 to 35.7 ton
  •     Fit bodies from 7 to 22 feet long
  •     Black powder-coated to provide you with a durable and rust-resistant finish