BAKFlip Hard Folding Tonneau Covers Demonstration

Charly Henley, Sales Manager for BAK Industries, discusses the advantages and features of the BAKFlip series of hard folding tonneau covers. More information: http://www.bakindustries.com


A Day In The Life With Bret, A Diesel Mechanic

Watch as Bret works from sun up to sun down out of his Knapheide PGND Gooseneck Body.

Spend a few minutes with Bret Duesterhaus, ace diesel mechanic and farmer, to see how his recent upgrade to a Knapheide PGND Gooseneck Body has taken his daily productivity to a new level.  Bret puts in long hours with little time to spare so he relies on his knowledge, tools, and work truck to get the job done and move on to the next.


Ford's Next Generation SuperDuty Goes Aluminum Too

We've known this was coming for a while but Ford made it official when Raj Nair, Ford's head of product development, announced to a group of current and potential investors that the next-generation Super Duty will also be adopting an aluminum body — just like the new F-150.

The Detroit News reported the announcement while automotive journalists are test-driving the 2015 F-150 in Texas.

Ford has not announced when the next Super Duty will debut, but given the fact our spy photographer have caught quite a few Super Dutys testing this past June, August and September, we're guessing the next truck could debut as a 2016 or 2017 model. Our spies even saw one burn to the ground.

Since all Super Dutys (which account for about half of all F-Series sales at a healthy profit margin) are currently produced at only one site — the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville — modifying it presents a problem. To prepare for the 2015 F-150, Ford shut down one plant for modification while still producing the half-ton at its other F-150 plant. Ford can't do that with the Super Dutys.

When the Kentucky plant is shut down for the eight to 10 weeks (and that might be an optimistic amount of time) to refit for the new Super Dutys, it will deliver a huge hit to Ford's bottom line. You can bet Chevrolet, GMC and Ram will be ready to take advantage of the changeover by offering special deals on heavy-duty models during Ford's plant shutdown. However, it wouldn't surprise us if Ford had some type of backup plan to produce Super Dutys somewhere else.

Cars.com image by Evan Sears; spy photo by Kent Sundling


Knapheide Service Body Product Training Video

This new video features the most up to date standard offerings found on Knapheide Service Bodies..   The videos feature a comprehensive overview of the features and end user benefits found on Service Bodies and KUV's.


Scelzi Flatbed Offers Lots of Options

We spotted this Scelzi Flatbed mounted on a Ford F350. It appears to be a steel bed with a 7/8" aluminum floor, side pockets and a  California Dock Bumper with Receiver Hitch. Notice the nice added detail of the full width expanded metal window opening and the the rounded top corners on the Headboard!

Standard Features
  •     Choice of 50-50 or One-Window Headboard
  •     1/2" Rope Hooks on each Cross Member
  •     Tail Plate with California Dock Bumper
  •     OEM Taillights, Seal Beam Clearance Light
  •     Stainless Steel Gas Bezel
  •     Tapered A.J. Bear Style Stake Pockets
  •     Choice of color Black or White
Optional Features Can be manufactured with any of the following:
  •     1-1/8" Hardwood or 7/8" Aluminum Floors - 16" Crossmember
  •     12 Gauge Diamond Plate or 10 Gauge Smooth Steelover 1/8" Plywood
  •     3/16" Solid Diamond Plate Bed
  •     3/16" Smooth Steel Available
Available for Scelzi and Western Flatbeds
  •     Underbody Tool Box
  •     Available in 24", 30", 36", 40", 48" and 60" long;
  •     18" high - 18" deep.
  •     Top Mounted Tool Box - Close Top
  •     Available in 72", 96" and 108" long;
  •     18" high - 18" deep.
  •     Top Mounted Tool Box - Open Top
  •     Available in 48", 72", 96" and 108" long;
  •     18" high - 18" deep.
Side Racks
  •     A.J. Bear style tapered polished stainless steel stakes with slats.
  •     Available in 12", 15", 18", 24", 36", 42", 48" heights.
  •     Other combinations of painted steel stakes or plywood, steel or aluminum siding can be ordered.
Optional Tie Down Rail



Into the Arctic | 2015 F-150 Truck | You Test: Episode #4

See what happens when the new 2015 F-150 tows at maximum payload over the Dempster Highway – a rough, desloate, 900-mile stretch of gravel road that goes through the Arctic Circle.


Transit 250 Standard Height Cargo Van

The new Transit cargo van comes in many different configurations including 150, 250, and 350. It also comes in standard height like this one, a medium height and taller model. The cargo space in this van is huge and openly useful. John Turic of Hansel Ford's Commercial Truck department gives us just a few of the highlights. See more at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com


The New Ford Transit In Three Heights

John Turic of Hansel Ford Commercial/Fleet Department gives us a quick tour of the different heights on the new Transit van. See more at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com


Scelzi Flatbed with Aluminum Slat Bed On Ford F450

The flatbed truck body is one of the most useful bodies on the planet. Whenever you need to take something from point A to point B, the flatbed is often the choice. The 12' Flatbed is the most popular size in light and medium duty flatbeds. John Turic points out the features that set the Scelzi flatbed apart. See more at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com


Ford Transit Connect XLT Walkaround

John gives us a walkaround on the Ford Transit Connect XLT. What a useful small van with great mileage, great access, and easy maneuverability. See more at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com


Ford Transit Van Tour From Low To Medium To High

John Turic of Hansel Ford gives us a tour of the different roof heights available on the new Ford Transit van that replaces the Econoline van. This video really shows the difference of getting in and out of these vans to help you make your best choice. See more at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com


Scelzi Combo Body On Ford F450 4x4 Chassis

John Turic gives us a short tour of a Scelzi Enterprises 12' Combo Body mounted on a Ford F450 4x4 chassis. This is such a great body for so many uses where a work platform on the rear can be of benefit. See more at http://HanselWorkTrucks.com


Knapheide Offers Bodies For Transit Cutaway & Cab Chassis

Knapheide has released a full line-up of bodies for the all-new, 2015 Ford Transit cutaway and cab chassis.

The Knapheide Manufacturing Company has developed a full line-up of bodies for the 2015 Ford Transit cutaway and cab chassis.  The selection includes America's most popular enclosed utility body (KUV™) and service body, along with Knapheide's Value-Master X™ platform body.

KUV™ models for the Ford Transit are packed with standard features including secure and easily accessible side compartments, designated conduit chutes for transporting longer materials, power locks on body compartment doors, an enclosed and oversized cargo area among many other features.  The abundant storage offers increased productivity and efficiency through better organization of parts, tools, and equipment.  A total of nine standard models are available which include several different body height and length combinations compatible with the Transit cutaway chassis.  The KUV™ is an ideal commercial vehicle for plumbing, electrical, and construction applications.

Products available for the Transit cab chassis include the Knapheide service body and Value-Master X™ platform body.  Much like the KUV™, the Knapheide service body provides secure and versatile storage enabling mobile technicians to find the parts, tools, and equipment they need when they need it.  Knapheide's Value-Master X™ platform body features a reinforced understructure and a variety of floor materials to choose from including pine or apitong wood, smooth steel, and tread plate. The Value-Master X™ has proven its' versatility in landscaping, construction, and agriculture environments.

All bodies for the Transit cutaway and cab chassis are constructed of rugged galvanneal steel and fully immersed in Knapheide's exclusive electrodeposition prime paint system translating into superior corrosion resistance and years of reliable service in the field.

The Knaheide Manufacturing company is proud to provide its' customer with commercial vehicle solutions for tomorrow's commercial vehicles, including the Ford Transit cutaway and cab chassis.\



New Transit Van 350 High-Roof Tour

John Turic of Hansel Ford gives us a quick tour of the new Transit Hi-roof van. The Transit comes in three heights, this one being the tallest, three lengths and two wheelbases. This is a high-roof long wheelbase unit. See more at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com